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Artfully Artless Craft’s 4th Giveaway!

Because I love you guys <3


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  • This giveaway ships internationally
  • Winner will be picked October 5, 2014

What you get:

  • One hand crafted glass eye brooch
  • One knotted goldstone keychain
  • One knotted moonstone keychain
  • Various stones including peacock ore, and rainbow mystic aura quartz
  • One vial full of cruelty free honey bees (donated by local beekeepers after they’ve passed)
  • Four real butterfly wings
  • Four drilled elytra beetle wings
  • Two sea shells
  • One ammonite
  • Two coyote teeth
  • One mink jaw
  • One porcupine quill
  • Numerous hedgehog spines
  • One coyote claw
  • One turtle claw
  • One alligator scale
  • Two gilded bone necklaces
  • One mystic aura quartz trio necklace
  • One autumn honey bey necklace
  • One resin encased crab claw

Good Luck!

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when someone texts u saying “here!” but u aint ready yet


(via realitytvgifs)

so. a bunch of years ago, i was watching adult swim. there was this show that i would always watch at like 2am or 3am. it was called case closed. now, i hate any shows that are like this (don’t know what they’re called of hand). but then adult swim canceled the show and i never saw it again.

but now i know the name and i’m excited.